Sunted Resources Inc.:About Sunted Inc
What We Do?

SUNTED RESOURCE INC. is a multi-business enterprise whose major focus is in petroleum products sales, marketing and consultancy. The company also engages in the design and development of ICT Solutions, healthcare systems as well as import of electrical, trucks and tractors equipments from Europe, Asia and America

Oil And Gas Offers

In conjunction with NNPC/Joint Venture Operators, sunted resources inc. has participated and still in involved in the lifting, sales and marketing of large quantities of Bonny Light crude Oil, Forcados Light Crude Oil amongs many others on F.O.B, T.T.O and TTT in a graft free and sincere transaction with all official genuine cargo documents issued by NNPC in Buyer’s name.

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Our company has successfully completed the solar LED street light projects in the capital of Nigeria --- Abuja for many times. We use the advanced solar and LED lighting technology to enhance the effectiveness in the public street lighting and solve the problem of insufficient local supply of electricity

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Corporate Offer For Copper Cathodes

We, are legal representative of the Principal Owner and Seller of the below specified commodity, hereby Confirm and declare with Full Personal and Legal Responsibility and the attest under the Penalty of Perjury, subject to Common Laws, that we are authorized to make this intent and offer to sell, the Copper Cathodes

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Why Choose Us ?


Sunted aims to provide world class services to assist Africa in the quest to join the most advanced economies in the world..


To emerge as a key player in africa exploration for global competitiveness, by providing standard services and developing local capacity solution.A Sunted resource strength lies on our highly competent team who have worked in a diversity of major projects in Nigeria and all over the globe, providing efficient solutions in electricity, energy, power distribution and maintenance services.

Core Values

We believe in the power of dreams, in the strength of human determination and the vigour of honest sweat. That is why we have created a company that not only helps businesses around the world fulfil their dreams, but also give them new dreams.

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