Sunted Resources Inc.:Bank Instruments


Sunted Resources is a multi-business enterprise whose major focus is in petroleum products sales, marketing and consultancy. The company also engages in the design and development of ICT Solutions, healthcare systems as well as import of electrical,trucks and tractors equipments from Europe, Asia and America.

Banking Instruments:Trade Finance Facilities

Do you have an import order that larger than your financial capacity? We provide tread finance facilities from European bank on behalf of importer, exporters &manufactures to conclude their trade deals without abstaining any financial collateral.

We Offer:

  • -letter of credit
  • -standby letter of credit
  • -bank guarantee
  • -performance bond/guarantee
  • -advance payment
  • -bank comfort letter

Letter of credit!

We provide irrevocable letter of credit which is known as documentary LC import LC,MT 700 for traders, who do not have cash margin or collateral to conclude their trade deals.

Standby letter of credit

Standby letter of credit or standby LC{SBLC MT 760}certainly can be arranged on behalf of buyers who need to acquire the merchandise on credit term from their seller/exporter

Bank guarantee!

Bank guarantee-MT 760 or performance guarantee indeed can be provided to the companies or contractors who wish to avail lucrative contracts of commodities or projects

Why you choose us?

  • *best banks
  • *NO financial collateral required
  • *competitive rate
  • *deal closed in 24hours.
  • *global reach.