Sunted Resources Inc.:Trucks And Tractors


All these years later, we have diversified into other machines as well, but tractors will always be special to us. At sunted Farm, every tractor we make is a tangible realisation of our dream to empower the farmer by providing them in return for their trusted investment, a powerful machine that is not just easy-to-maintain and smooth to operate but also adequately fuel-saving. Our tractors employ best in the class technology and innovation—giving us an unsurpassable edge over our market competitors. From models that give you the choice of having dry or oil immersed brakes, to the ones with mobile charging slot, to the engines of utmost power, we create tractors that are well-suited for both farm usage and transportation.

Sunted Inc. Trucks And Tractors Production

SUNTED partnership with CIMC as a enterprise dedicated in manufacturing special vehicles. SUNTED and CIMC Vehicle is specialized in the manufacturing of special vehicles and the manufacturing and sales service of its key components. With annual production capacity of over 200,000 special vehicles, the company has been among the top of global special-vehicle industry in terms of comprehensive scale and strength. By far, the company has owned special-vehicle production lines of 10 major series and more than 1000 varieties, manufacturing products ranging from port logistic trailer series, flat/plate transport semitrailer, low-bed semitrailer, car transport semitrailer, box truck, van truck, tanker, dump truck, sanitation truck to special vehicles, etc., all selling well in America, Japan and other mainstream markets..


SUNTED and CIMC truck focuses on the production and sales of high end heavy duty trucks, catering to the growing demand for high quality transportation solutions in the domestic and oversea market. SUNTED and CIMC products include heavy-duty tractor truck, concrete mixer truck, dump truck and NG truck. With a more powerful drive, lowest fuel consumption and a higher level of safety compared to all domestic trucks, SUNTED and CIMC enjoys a comfortable lead over all other domestic competitors. .