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Sunted Resources is a multi-business enterprise whose major focus is in petroleum products sales, marketing and consultancy. The company also engages in the design and development of ICT Solutions, healthcare systems as well as import of electrical,trucks and tractors equipments from Europe, Asia and America..


We specialize in exporting the high quality rice of Thailand and india. We provide exceptional and riable service to our customers.

Food Safety Policy
We are committed to continuously improving the safety and quality of food products in order to achieve customer expectation and legal requirements. Thailand is famous as a land of agriculture with world class rice plants used to make organic product. The hot climate and fertile soil lead to the marvelous and unique taste of SUNTED rice. As a professional rice exporter in Thailand, WE provides and supplies the best rice products through our up-to-date automatic rice processing equipment. Our products are GMO free and are healthy and safe for the environment. Our Product We offer a wide variety of fine Thai and india rices including jasmine rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice and also a special blend rice. Our family’s extensive history in the rice business is well known. We can guarantee the highest quality product at the most competitive prices with professional service. We can also provide you with additional products, in the present, we sell salt to our customers in Papua New Guinea and africa. It would be our pleasure to serve your needs..

List of our Rice Products
Thai Hom-Mali Rice (Thai Jasmine Rice) Thai Hom Mali Rice or Thai Jasmine Rice is blessed with a natural fragrance, originated in Thailand. The grain is a long and slender kernel. After it is cooked, is known for its unique texture and jasmine scented fragrance, making it most famous in all countries.
    - Thai Hom Mali rice 100%
  • - Thai Hom Mali rice 100% Broken Super A1
Thai Fragrant Rice (Pathumthani Rice) Thai Fragrant Rice, known as Pathumthani Fragrant Rice, is qualified & grading nearer to Thai Hom-Mali (Jasmine Rice). Its taste naturally moderate soft and tender if comparable to other Thai white rice. Due to the originated by Geography Indicator.
  • - Thai Long Grain Fragrant Rice (Pathumthani) Purity 100%
Thai Long Grain White Rice White Rice is belongs to the Indica (long grain) category. It is also known as polished rice or fully milled rice because most of the outer layer, the husk and the bran layer are removed from the kernel, through the milling processes.
  • - Thai Long Grain White Rice 100%
  • - Thai Long Grain White Rice 5% Broken
  • - Thai Long Grain White Rice 10% Broken
  • - Thai Long Grain White Rice 25% Broken
  • - Thai Long Grain White Rice 100% Broken A1
Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice Parboiled Rice is produced by a process of soaking, pressure steaming and drying prior to milling. This modifiles the starch and permits the retention of much of the natural vitamins and minerals in kernels. The rice is usally slightly yellowish, although the color largely fades after cooking.
  • - Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice 100% Sortexed
  • - Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice 5% Broken Sortexed
  • - Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice Purity 100% Non-sortexed
  • - Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice 5% Broken Non-Sortexed
Terms and Conditions :

Packing : - 50 kgs per S/PP bag

  • - 25 kgs per bag
  • - 20 kgs per bag
  • - 10 kgs per bag
  • - 5 kgs per bag

  • Quality : Finest quality as per Thai rice export Standard

    Shipment :strong. 20-30 days after received the order confirmation

    Term of Payment : by Advance T/T or by Irrevocable L/C 100% at sight

    Buyers in all countries are welcome. Please contact for details. We are assure you of our prompt attention, most reasonable competitive price and reliable services.