Sunted Resources Inc.:Oil And Gas


Sunted Resources is a multi-business enterprise whose major focus is in petroleum products sales, marketing and consultancy. The company also engages in the design and development of ICT Solutions, healthcare systems as well as import of electrical,trucks and tractors equipments from Europe, Asia and America.

Oil Products

Nigerian Light Crude Oil In pursuant to the enactment of a “local content policy” Nigeria’s federal Ministry of Petroleum resources, which stipulates 75% participation of Nigerian companies in the oil and gas industry by sunted has taken advantage of this policy to contribute their quoting in generating revenue for the country from crude oil and refined products sales..

In conjunction with NNPC/Joint Venture Operators, sunted resources inc. has participated and still in involved in the lifting, sales and marketing of large quantities of Bonny Light crude Oil, Qua Iboe Light Crude Oil, Low Pour Fuel Oil and Forcados Light Crude Oil on F.O.B, T.T.O and TTT in a graft free and sincere transaction with all official genuine cargo documents issued by NNPC in Buyer’s name.

Sunted Resources Inc. is also a consultant to Allottees & Licensed Exporters of Bonny Light Crude oil to lift and deliver Bonny Light Crude Oil to major refineries and end-Buyers on C.I.F to any safe world port. Product Specification/Distillation Analysis.

Nigerian light crude oil specification

Specific gravity - 0.8398
Api - 33 - 37.00
B.S.W - 0.6% Vol
Water content - 0.2% Vol
Pour point below - 40 0F
Reid vapour pressure - 6.52 sig
Sulphur content % WT - 0.14
Expected derivatives from 1 barrel of Bonny Light Crude Oil: S/n Refined Products Gallons per barrel

  • 1. Gasoline 19.5
  • 2. Distillate Fuel Oil (Diesel & 9.2
  • 3. Kerosene-type Jet Fuel 4.1
  • 4. Residual Fuel Oil(Heavy 2.3
  • 5. Liquefied Refined Gases 1.9
  • 6. Still Gas 1.9
  • 7. Coke 1.8
  • 8. Asphalt & Road Oil 1.3
  • 9. Petrochemical Feedstock 1.2
  • 10. Lubricants 0.5
  • 11. Kerosene 0.2
  • 12. Others 0.3

    1a). Supply of Bonny Light Crude Oil on F.O.B


    Grade/Specification: NNPC Export Grade

    Origin: Nigeria

    Quantity: 1-2 million barrels